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Host Monster

Host Monster are relatively new to online webhosting but don’t let that fool you, when it comes down to service and performance these guys excel, they have a high tech data center with great security so you know your data/server is safe, they offer amazing deals that leave you scratching your head at how they [...]

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Ipower have been around for a while now and they Offer amazing support, it usually takes about 30 seconds to get hold of someone that knows what they are talking about which is rare for a hosting company. Ipower have put in place requirements for Magento making them a great web host for magento, they [...]

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Magento Hosting

Magento requires a certain type of hosting to run properly and if you are not careful you can end up with dud hosting that ends up a waste of money, here at magento hosting you get a list of tested hosting services made for magento so you do not waste your time or money in [...]

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